Villemin, Jean Antoine

Villemin, Jean Antoine
born Jan. 28, 1827, Prey, Vosges, France
died Oct. 6, 1892, Paris

French physician.

As an army doctor, he observed that healthy young men often developed tuberculosis (TB) living in the close quarters of the barracks. Aware that a similar disease in horses was transmitted by inoculation, he gave TB to rabbits by inoculating them with material from sick humans and cows, proving that it was an infectious disease. His contagion theory, published in 1867, was initially ignored but was later corroborated by other scientists' experiments.

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▪ French physician
born Jan. 28, 1827, Prey, Vosges, Fr.
died Oct. 6, 1892, Paris

      French physician who proved tuberculosis to be an infectious disease, transmitted by contact from humans to animals and from one animal to another.

      Villemin studied at Bruyères and at the military medical school at Strasbourg, qualifying as an army doctor in 1853. He was sent for further study to the Val-de-Grâce, the military medical school in Paris. As an army doctor he observed that healthy young men from the country often developed tuberculosis while living in the close quarters of the barracks. Aware that glanders in horses, a similar disease, is transmitted by inoculation, Villemin began his experiments by inoculating a rabbit with tuberculous material from a deceased human patient. Tuberculous lesions were found in the rabbit three months later. He also found that rabbits inoculated with tuberculous material from cows developed the disease.

      His results, presented in 1867, were at first ignored. The French believed tuberculosis was hereditary, and German scientists knew that introducing a foreign body into a tissue would produce something like a tubercule. Villemin tried valiantly to champion the doctrine of contagion, but it was some time before his position was vindicated by the experiments of other scientists. He later proved by injection that sputum and blood from tubercular patients can transmit the disease to animals.

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