Tanimbar Islands

Tanimbar Islands
Group of about 30 islands, southeastern Moluccas, Indonesia.

It includes the large island of Jamdena, 70 mi (113 km) long by 28 mi (45 km) wide, and the nearby islands of Larat and Selaru. Though there is a lack of fresh water, the soil supports corn, rice, coconut palms, and fruits. The Dutch claimed the group in 1639 but did not establish rule until 1900. After World War II, the islands became part of Indonesia.

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▪ islands, Indonesia
Indonesian  Kepulauan Tanimbar 

      group of about 30 islands in Maluku Tenggara kabupaten (regency), Maluku provinsi (“province”), eastern Indonesia. The islands lie between the Banda and Arafura seas.

      The largest of the group is Yamdena Island, the principal town of which is Saumlaki, a port on the southern coast. This island has thickly wooded hills along its eastern coast, while its western coast is lower and often swampy. Surrounding islands include Larat to the north of Yamdena, with high cliffs, a rocky coast, and thick vegetation along the shore, and Selaru to the south of Yamdena, rather flat and with much grassland. The group, the total area of which is some 2,100 square miles (5,439 square km), lies outside the zone of historic volcanic activity. Because there are few rivers, there is a lack of freshwater, but the soil supports corn (maize), rice, coconut and sago palms, yams, plantains, mangoes, and papayas.

      The Tanimbar group was visited by the Dutch in 1629 and claimed by them in 1639 by right of discovery, but Dutch rule was not established on the islands until 1900. The people are basically Melanesians of the Papuan variety, but there has been much mixture with Asian peoples. There are many animists, a few Muslims, and some Christians. Houses of wood and palm leaf, generally on piles, are entered from underneath; their carved pillars show much artistry of construction. The men are skillful boatbuilders, search for trepang (sea cucumber) and turtle shell, keep pigs, and work in iron, copper, and gold.

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