Shirley, William

Shirley, William
born Dec. 2, 1694, Preston, Sussex, Eng.
died March 24, 1771, Roxbury, Mass.

American colonial governor.

A lawyer in England, he moved to Boston in 1731. He was appointed admiralty judge (1733), king's advocate general (1734), and governor of Massachusetts (1741–49, 1753–56). In King George's War he planned the British capture of Louisbourg (1745). He became commander of British forces in North America (1755) but was dismissed after the failure of his expedition against Fort Niagara. He served as governor of the Bahamas (1761–67).

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▪ British colonial governor
born Dec. 2, 1694, Preston, Sussex, Eng.
died March 24, 1771, Roxbury, Mass. [U.S.]

      colonial governor of Massachusetts who played an important role in Britain's struggle against France for control of North America.

      In 1731, after 11 years of law practice in England, Shirley migrated to Boston. He was appointed admiralty judge in 1733 and the king's advocate general in 1734. In 1741 Shirley was appointed governor. He built up the Massachusetts fortifications, and during King George's War (1740–48) he organized and planned Britain's one great victory, the capture in 1745 of the French fortress of Louisbourg on Cape Breton Island.

      After the defeat and death of Gen. Edward Braddock in western Pennsylvania (1755), Shirley became commander in chief of the English forces in America but failed to gain the respect and cooperation necessary to carry out his plans. Following the failure of his expedition against Ft. Niagara, he was replaced as commander and governor. Accusations of mismanagement aroused suspicions, and he was recalled to England, where he was charged with treason. After being vindicated he was appointed governor of the Bahamas in 1761 but later returned to Massachusetts (1770).

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