Rikken Seiyūkai

Rikken Seiyūkai
(English; "Friends of Constitutional Government")

Dominant Japanese political party from its inception in 1900 until 1940.

Founded by Itō Hirobumi, it initially stood for increased parliamentary participation in government. It was supported by the landlord class and zaibatsu business interests, and was generally more conservative than its chief rival, the Democratic Party (Minseitō).

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English  Friends of Constitutional Government 

      the dominant Japanese political party from its inception in 1900 until 1940, when all parties were absorbed into the government-controlled Taisei Yokusankai (“Imperial Rule Assistance Association”).

      The Rikken Seiyūkai was founded by one of the leading government bureaucrats, Itō Hirobumi, in an attempt to secure his own power base. In some respects, the Rikken Seiyūkai was a liberal force and stood for increased parliamentary participation in the Japanese government. The party was supported by the landlord class and zaibatsu business interests. In general the Rikken Seiyūkai stood for a more conservative political program than its chief rival, the Minseitō (“Democratic Party”). Both parties steadily lost influence to the military during the 1930s. After 1945, many former members of the Rikken Seiyūkai helped organize the Liberal Party.

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