Pride, Sir Thomas

Pride, Sir Thomas
born , Somerset?, Eng.
died Oct. 23, 1658, Worcester House, Surrey

English soldier.

Joining the Parliamentary army in the English Civil Wars, he commanded a regiment in the Battle of Naseby (1645), then served with Oliver Cromwell and helped rout the invading Scots at Preston (1648). When the army, dominated by the Independents, occupied London later that year, Pride arrested or expelled about 140 Presbyterian members from the House of Commons ("Pride's Purge"). He was a member of the commission that tried King Charles I.

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▪ English soldier
born , Somerset?
died Oct. 23, 1658, Worcester House, Surrey, Eng.

      Parliamentary soldier during the English Civil Wars (1642–51), remembered chiefly for his expulsion of the Presbyterians and other members who opposed the Parliamentary army from the House of Commons in 1648. “Pride's Purge,” as the incident is called, put the Independents in control of the government.

      Pride's early life is obscure. Entering the Parliamentary army as a captain, he became a lieutenant colonel in 1645 and commanded a regiment in the decisive Parliamentary victory at Naseby, Northamptonshire, in June 1645. He then served with Oliver Cromwell against the Royalist rebels in Wales and helped Cromwell rout the invading Scots at Preston, Lancashire, in August 1648. After the army, which was dominated by the Independents, occupied London in December 1648, Pride stood before the entrance to the House of Commons, arresting or expelling more than half of the 460 members, including about 140 Presbyterian members. In January 1649 Pride became a member of the commission that tried King Charles I, and he signed the warrant for Charles's execution (Jan. 30, 1649). He was knighted by Cromwell in 1656.

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