Poitiers, Battle of

Poitiers, Battle of
(September 19, 1356) Catastrophic defeat of the French king John II in the Hundred Years' War between France and England.

English troops under Edward the Black Prince were under pursuit from the probably superior French forces. South of Poitiers the English secured themselves in thickets and marshes, where the French knights became bogged down and made easy targets for the English archers. John II was taken prisoner and for his freedom had to consent to the disadvantageous Treaties of Bretigny and Calais.

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▪ French history [1356]
      (Sept. 19, 1356), the catastrophic defeat sustained by the French king John II at the end of the first phase of the Hundred Years' War between France and England.

      Edward, the Black Prince (Edward The Black Prince), son and heir to Edward III of England, with English troops under Sir John Chandos and with Gascon troops under the Captal de Buch (Jean III de Grailly), together rather less than 7,000 men, was conducting a raid from Bordeaux into central France but was turning westward and southward from the lower Loire River valley under pursuit from John II's probably superior forces. Contact between the enemy armies was made east of Poitiers on Sept. 17, 1356; but a truce for September 18, a Sunday, enabled the English to secure themselves on the Maupertuis (Le Passage), near Nouaillé south of Poitiers, where thickets and marshes surrounded the confluence of the Miosson and Clain rivers. Forgetful of the lessons of Crécy (1346), the French launched a series of assaults in which their knights, bogged down, became easy targets for the Black Prince's archers. John II himself led the last French charge and was taken prisoner, along with thousands of his knights. These losses left France open to brutal raids by its enemies, provoking massive peasant revolts. The French government, unable to restore order, alienated to English sovereignty nearly one-third of France—including the provinces of Béarn, Gascony, Poitou, and Rouergue—at the Treaty of Brétigny (1360). Raising the huge ransom for John II did much to accustom France to the idea of permanent taxation.

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