Leisler, Jacob

Leisler, Jacob
died May 16, 1691, New York, N.Y.

German-born colonial insurrectionist.

He immigrated to New Netherland (New York) in 1660 and became a wealthy merchant. Objecting to the British unification of New York and New England (1685–89), he led the revolt called Leisler's Rebellion, established himself as lieutenant governor of the province (1689–91), and called the first intercolonial congress (1690) to plan action against the French and Indians. When he reluctantly surrendered to a new British governor, he was charged with treason and hanged, along with his son-in-law.

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▪ North American colonist
born 1640, Frankfurt am Main [Germany]
died May 16, 1691, New York, N.Y. [U.S.]

      provincial militia captain who seized the reins of British colonial government in New York (Leisler's Rebellion) and exercised effective control over the area for more than 18 months in 1689–91.

      Emigrating to New Netherland (New York) at the age of 20, Leisler quickly became one of the colony's wealthiest merchants. Remaining there after control of the colony passed from the Dutch to the English in 1664, he was one of many colonists who strongly resisted the unified administration (called the Dominion of New England) imposed by King James II (1685–89) on New York and New England.

      When James was overthrown in 1689, Leisler took the opportunity to lead a revolt against the crown's agent in New York, Lieutenant Governor Francis Nicholson. Nicholson fled to England when his fort was seized by Leisler's rebellious force on May 31. Supported by small farmers and city workers, Leisler set himself up as head of a revolutionary government that subsequently appointed him commander in chief. In December he assumed the title of lieutenant governor and, appointing a council, took charge of the entire province. He also summoned the first intercolonial congress in North America, which met in New York (May 1, 1690) to plan concerted action against the French and Indians.

      Although he proclaimed loyalty to the new king, William III, Leisler refused to recognize the authority of Major Richard Ingoldsby, who arrived with English soldiers in January 1691. Fighting broke out in March, shortly before the arrival of Colonel Henry Sloughter, who had been commissioned governor of the province. After reluctantly surrendering, Leisler was charged with treason and, with his son-in-law, Jacob Milborne, was convicted and hanged. Parliament reversed the attainder in 1695 and restored the confiscated estates to the family heirs.

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