Guan Hanqing

Guan Hanqing
or Kuan Han-ch'ing

born 1241?, Dadu, China
died 1320?, China

Chinese dramatist.

He belonged to a writers' guild that provided plays for performing groups. His plays often dealt with everyday events and sympathetically portrayed women of low social standing. He wrote over 60 plays, 14 of which survive, including Injustice to Dou E, Butterfly Dream, and Saving a Prostitute. Guan is often considered the greatest playwright of the Chinese classical theatre.

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▪ Chinese dramatist
Wade-Giles romanization  Kuan Han-ch'ing 
born 1241?, Dadu [now Beijing], China
died 1320?, China

      dramatist who was considered by many critics to be the greatest playwright of the Chinese classical theatre.

      Guan Hanqing, probably a scholar, belonged to a writers' guild that specialized in writing plays for performing groups. Fourteen of his plays (from more than 60 with known titles) have been preserved. Several of them are unquestionably masterpieces, and there is little doubt that Guan played an important role in raising the early Chinese drama to a new level of excellence. Though Guan's plots, following the fashion of his time, are unrealistic, he created compelling characters, often women of low social standing who act with intelligence, integrity, and courage. His style is simple and straightforward, probably closer to the spirit of early popular theatre than to the style of plays by his contemporaries. The action, often simple everyday happenings, is depicted with humour and poignancy. Some of his better-known dramas include Dou'eyuan (Injustice to Dou E), Hudiemeng (Butterfly Dream), and Jiufengchen (“Saving a Prostitute”).

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