Crassus, Lucius Licinius
born 140
died 91 BC

Roman lawyer and politician.

He is regarded, with Marcus Antonius (b. 143
d. 87), as one of the greatest Latin orators before Marcus Tullius Cicero and is portrayed in Cicero's De oratore (55 BC). Made consul in 95, he cosponsored a law (Lex Licinia Mucia) that provided for the prosecution of anyone falsely claiming Roman citizenship, which led to the revolt of Rome's Italian allies in 90–88.

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▪ Roman lawyer
born 140 BC
died 91

      lawyer and politician who is usually considered to be one of the two greatest Roman orators before Cicero, the other being Marcus Antonius (143–87). Both men are vividly portrayed in Cicero's De oratore (55 BC).

      Crassus launched his legal career in 119 by successfully prosecuting the politician Gaius Papirius Carbo, probably for extortion or treason. Before long his oratory earned him widespread fame, and he used his influence to bring about the establishment of a colony at Narbo (now Narbonne, Fr.).

      As consul in 95, Crassus sponsored the Lex Licinia Mucia, which provided for the prosecution of any person who falsely claimed Roman citizenship. The law offended Rome's Italian allies, who were not fully incorporated into the Roman state, and thereby increased the tensions that led to the revolt of the allies in 90–88. Crassus soon altered his views; in 91 he supported the tribune Marcus Livius Drusus' unsuccessful attempt to enfranchise the Italian allies and reform the courts. Only fragments of Crassus' speeches remain.

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