Corinth, League of

Corinth, League of
Alliance established at Corinth in 337 BC.

It comprised the ancient Greek states except Sparta, and was led by Philip II of Macedonia. Delegates, elected in proportion to their state's military power, decided federal policies. The league declared war on Persia, but under Alexander the Great it contributed little to the war effort. Its major act was to condemn the Thebans to slavery and distribute their lands among other states following revolts in 336 and 335. It was disbanded after Alexander's death (323).

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▪ ancient Greece
offensive and defensive alliance of all the Greek  states except Sparta, organized in 337 Bc 

      at Corinth under the leadership of Philip II of Macedon. A “council of the Greeks,” to which each state elected delegates proportionate to its military and naval strength, decided all matters of federal government, including foreign policy. At its first meeting, the league decided to conduct a war against Persia and elected Philip commander of its armed forces. When he was murdered the following year (336), his son, Alexander III (the Great), succeeded him as head of the league. The Greek contribution of soldiers to Alexander's Asian campaign was neither significant nor dependable, and the league's major action seems to have been the condemnation of the Thebans to slavery and the distribution of their territory among neighbouring states following their revolts (336 and 335 BC). The league broke up after Alexander's death (323) but was briefly restored by Demetrius I (302).

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