Butler, R(ichard) A(usten), baron of Saffron Walden

Butler, R(ichard) A(usten), baron of Saffron Walden
born Dec. 9, 1902, Attock Serai, India
died March 8, 1982, Great Yeldham, Essex, Eng.

British politician.

Known as "Rab" Butler, he was elected to Parliament in 1929 and served in various Conservative governments in the 1930s. As minister of education, he was responsible for the 1944 Education Act, which established free secondary education. After the Tories' electoral losses in 1945, he helped remold the Conservative Party, serving as its leader (1955–61). He served as chancellor of the exchequer (1951–55), home secretary (1957–62), and foreign secretary (1963–64).

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