/yar"oh/, n.
a river in SE Scotland, flowing into the Tweed. 14 mi. (23 km) long.

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Any of about 80 species of perennial herbs that make up the genus Achillea in the composite family, native mainly to the northern temperate zone.

Some species are cultivated as garden ornamentals. They have toothed, often finely cut, sometimes aromatic leaves. Many small white, yellow, or pink flowers are often grouped into flat-topped clusters, which can be dried for winter bouquets.

Yarrow (Achillea millefolium variety lanulosa)

Dennis E. Anderson

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 any of about 115 species of perennial herbs constituting the genus Achillea in the family Asteraceae, and native primarily to the North Temperate Zone. They have toothed, often finely cut leaves that are sometimes aromatic. The many small white, yellow, or pink flowers often are grouped into flat-topped clusters.

      Some species are cultivated as garden ornamentals. The dried leaves of sneezewort (A. ptarmica) are used to make a sneezing powder, and parts of yarrow or milfoil (A. millefolium) have been used for snuff and tea.

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(Achillea millefolium)

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