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  • unembroidered — index honest, literal, undistorted Burton s Legal Thesaurus. William C. Burton. 2006 …   Law dictionary

  • unembroidered — adjective a) Not having embroidery. I just want the unembroidered truth, in small words, with no excuses or explanations. b) Plain, simple, unadorned …   Wiktionary

  • unembroidered — “+ adjective Etymology: un (I) + embroidered, past participle of embroider : lacking adornment or elaboration : plain, simple the author s unembroidered … approach will appeal to readers looking for a concise account Journal of Accountancy …   Useful english dictionary

  • unembroidered — un·embroidered …   English syllables

  • unembroidered — un em•broi′dered adj …   From formal English to slang

  • Catullus, Gaius Valerius — born с 84, Verona, Cisalpine Gaul died с 54 BC, Rome Roman poet. Few facts about his life are certain. Of 116 extant poems, 25 portray an intense and unhappy affair with a married woman ( Lesbia ); others reflect an affair with the youth… …   Universalium

  • bald — I adjective arrant, artless, austere, bare, bawdy, blank, blunt, colorless, disclosed, dull, evident, exact, exposed, factual, flagrant, flat, glaring, insipid, laconic, literal, manifest, mere, obvious, open, outright, overt, plain, raw,… …   Law dictionary

  • forthright — I adjective blunt, bona fide, candid, direct, downright, emphatic, exact, explicit, factual, frank, genuine, honest, ingenuous, outspoken, plain spoken, positive, scrupulous, simple, sincere, straight, straightforward, unadorned, unaffected,… …   Law dictionary

  • honest — I adjective aboveboard, accurate, actual, artless, as represented, authentic, bald, blunt, candid, clean, conscientious, correct, creditable, decent, downright, earnest, equitable, erect, estimable, ethical, evenhanded, exact, factual, fair, fair …   Law dictionary

  • literal — I adjective accurate, authentic, careful, close, correct, exact, factual, faithful, faultless, meticulous, precise, rigid, scrupulous, strict, textual, to the letter, true, true to fact, truthful, unchanged, uncorrupted, undeviating, undistorted …   Law dictionary

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