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  • underspecified — adj …   Useful english dictionary

  • Yawelmani language — Yawelmani (also Yowlumni) is an extinct variety of the Valley Yokuts language (of the Yokutsan family) formerly spoken in southern California by the Yawelmani people.oundsConsonantsVowelsYawelmani has 8 vowel phonemes:vowel harmonyYamelmani has… …   Wikipedia

  • Phoneme — This article is about the speech unit. For the JavaME library, see phoneME. In a language or dialect, a phoneme (from the Greek: φώνημα, phōnēma, a sound uttered ) is the smallest segmental unit of sound employed to form meaningful contrasts… …   Wikipedia

  • Ross–Littlewood paradox — A graph that shows the number of balls in and out of the vase for the first ten iterations of the problem. The Ross–Littlewood paradox (also known as the balls and vase problem or the ping pong ball problem) is a hypothetical problem in abstract… …   Wikipedia

  • Balls and vase problem — The balls and vase problem (also known as the Ross Littlewood paradox or the ping pong ball problem) is a hypothetical problem in abstract mathematics and logic designed to illustrate the seemingly paradoxical, or at least non intuitive, nature… …   Wikipedia

  • Navajo phonology — is the study of how speech sounds pattern and interact with each other in that language. The phonology of Navajo is intimately connected to its morphology. For example, the entire range of contrastive consonants is found only at the beginning of… …   Wikipedia

  • Pragmatics — Linguistics …   Wikipedia

  • Vertical vowel system — refers to a system of vowels in a language which requires just one vowel dimension to phonemically distinguish vowels. Theoretically, rounding, frontness and backness, and vowel height could be used in one dimensional vowel systems; however,… …   Wikipedia

  • Structuration — The theory of structuration, proposed by Anthony Giddens (1984) in The Constitution of Society (mentioned also in Central Problems of Social Theory , 1979), is an attempt to reconcile theoretical dichotomies of social systems such as… …   Wikipedia

  • Yukaghir languages — Infobox Language family name=Yukaghir region=Russian Far East familycolor=Palaeosiberian family=Yukaghir iso2= thumb|300px|Geographical distribution of Yukaghir, Finnic, Ugric and Samoyedic languages.The Yukaghir languages (also Yukagir , Jukagir …   Wikipedia

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