/ooh"mee ak'/, n.
an open Eskimo boat that consists of a wooden frame covered with skins and provided with several thwarts: used for transport of goods and passengers.
[1760-70; < Inuit umiaq women's boat]

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      boat used by the Greenland and later by the Alaskan Eskimos for transport. It was called the woman's boat, as opposed to the kayak, the men's hunting and fishing boat.

      Like the kayak, the umiak was made of seal or other animal skins stretched over a driftwood or whalebone frame and was paddled. Unlike the kayak, it was an open boat, either round in shape or elongated much like the birchbark canoe. The umiak was used by women for transporting themselves, children, the elderly, and possessions; the umiak was also used by the men for whaling. In the 20th century the umiak was first furnished with an outboard motor and finally displaced by conventional motorboats, as was the kayak, except for recreation or sporting.

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