trifler, n.
/truy"feuhl/, n., v., trifled, trifling.
1. an article or thing of very little value.
2. a matter, affair, or circumstance of trivial importance or significance.
3. a small, inconsiderable, or trifling sum of money.
4. a small quantity or amount of anything; a little: She's still a trifle angry.
5. a literary, musical, or artistic work of a light or trivial character having no great or lasting merit; bagatelle.
6. a kind of pewter of medium hardness.
7. trifles, articles made of this.
8. English Cookery. a dessert usually consisting of custard and cake soaked in wine or liqueur, and jam, fruit, or the like.
9. to deal lightly or without due seriousness or respect: Don't trifle with me!
10. to play or toy by handling or fingering: He sat trifling with a pen.
11. to act or talk in an idle or frivolous way.
12. to pass time idly or frivolously; waste time; idle.
13. to pass or spend (time) idly or frivolously (usually fol. by away).
[1175-1225; (n.) ME tru(f)fle idle talk, deceit < OF, var. of truf(f)e mockery, deceit; (v.) ME treoflen to mock < OF trufler to make sport of]
Syn. 1. bauble, toy. 13. fritter.

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