/toh"teuh toh"/, adj.
1. being in direct confrontation or opposition.
2. in a position or attitude of direct confrontation: slugging it out toe-to-toe.

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  • toe-to-toe — adverb go/stand/fight etc. toe to toe (with someone) AMERICAN to argue or fight with someone in a very determined way: The two candidates will go toe to toe in a televised debate. ╾ ,toe to toe adjective …   Usage of the words and phrases in modern English

  • toe-to-toe — ☆ toe to toe [tō′tə tō′ ] adv., adj. in close and direct confrontation, competition, etc. [going toe to toe with one s critics, toe to toe combat] …   English World dictionary

  • toe to toe — (figurative) In close, direct confrontation (toe to toeˈ adjective) • • • Main Entry: ↑toe * * * (of two people) standing directly in front of one another, esp. in order to fight or argue …   Useful english dictionary

  • toe-to-toe — toe′ to toe′ adj. 1) cvb being in direct confrontation 2) cvb in a position of direct confrontation: slugging it out toe to toe[/ex] …   From formal English to slang

  • toe-to-toe — adverb in close combat or at close quarters they fought toe to toe for the nomination * * * adv informal used to describe a fight in which two people stand close together facing each other They fought each other toe to toe. He went toe to toe (in …   Useful english dictionary

  • toe-to-toe — UK / US adverb go/stand/fight etc toe to toe (with someone) American to argue or fight with someone in a very determined way Derived word: toe to toe UK / US adjective …   English dictionary

  • toe-to-toe — adjective or adverb Date: circa 1942 slugging it out at or as if at close range < a toe to toe confrontation over the new policy > …   New Collegiate Dictionary

  • toe to toe (to go) —  Compete directly and aggressively (boxing).  ► “ If Coke is going to improve in the U.S., as well as overseas, we can go toe to toe.” (Wall Street Journal, Feb. 26, 1996, B3) …   American business jargon

  • toe to toe — phrasal facing one another …   New Collegiate Dictionary

  • toe-to-toe — adjective Positioned facing another, with the toes touching …   Wiktionary

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