time reversal

time reversal
the mathematical operation of reversing the direction of time. Symbol: T

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      in physics, mathematical operation of replacing the expression for time with its negative in formulas or equations so that they describe an event in which time runs backward or all the motions are reversed. A resultant formula or equation that remains unchanged by this operation is said to be time-reversal invariant, which implies that the same laws of physics apply equally well in both situations, that the second event is indistinguishable from the original, and that the flow of time does not have any naturally preferred direction in the case of fundamental interactions. A motion picture of two billiard balls colliding, for example, can be run forward or backward with no clue to the proper time direction of the event.

      Interactions among the subatomic particles (subatomic particle) under the operation of time reversal were thought to be invariant in the same way, but evidence to the contrary was discovered in 1964 in weak nuclear interactions (see CP violation). There is, however, a more general inversion operation that does leave the physical laws invariant, called in its mathematical expression the CPT theorem. It comprises time reversal T combined with interchange of antiparticles and particles, called charge conjugation C, and a mirror reflection, or inversion, of space, called parity reversal P. When all these are performed simultaneously, the resultant process or interaction is indistinguishable from the original.

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