/ten'deuh nuy"tis/, n. Pathol.
inflammation of a tendon.
[1895-1900; < NL tendin- (see TENDINOUS) + -ITIS]

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Inflammation of a tendon sheath, due to irritation of this thin, filmy tissue by overuse of the tendons, which slide within them, or to bacterial infection.

It is often an occupational disease, affecting tendons used in repetitive motions on the job. The tendon becomes swollen and red, with pain that increases on motion. The swelling hampers the tendon's sliding within, causing stiffness. Treatment involves immobilization with a splint, cast, or bandage and gradually increasing motion after inflammation subsides, which may happen sooner with corticosteroid injections. Repeated episodes can permanently thicken the sheath, limiting motion.

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also spelled  tendonitis 

      inflammation of the sheaths of the tendons (tendon). These sheaths are composed of thin, filmy tissue that permits the sliding motion of tendons within them. The cause of inflammation is irritation of the sheaths by prolonged or abnormal use of the tendons. Less often it may follow invasion of the tendon sheaths by bacteria with subsequent infection. It is in many instances an occupational hazard (wrist tendons in the typist, tendons about the shoulder in baseball pitchers, or tendons about the elbow in pneumatic drill operators).

      Inflammation in the sheath of the tendon produces swelling, redness, and pain along the course of the involved tendon, and motion of the tendon produces severe pain. Swelling of the sheath narrows the space through which the tendon may slide, causing stiffness in the involved area. A grating sensation may be felt as the tendon moves.

      Treatment of the condition involves placing the involved tendon and its sheath at complete rest by means of splints, a cast, or bandages. With rest the inflammation subsides, and motion may gradually be resumed. Administration of anti-inflammatory medications or local injections of corticosteroids (corticoid) may hasten the abatement of the inflammation. Recurrences following improvement are not uncommon. Repeated episodes of tendinitis may produce permanent thickening of the sheath, which limits motion of the tendon within it. Surgery may be necessary in severe cases of tendinitis.

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