tailed frog

tailed frog
a frog, Ascaphus truei, of the northwestern U.S. and adjacent Canada, the male of which has its cloaca modified into a taillike copulatory organ. Also called bell toad, ribbed toad, tailed toad.

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 (Ascaphus truei), the single species of the frog family Ascaphidae (order Anura). It is restricted to cold, clear forest streams of the Pacific Northwest region of the United States and Canada. It is one of many species that disappears when old-growth forests are cut.

      The “tail” found on the male is actually an extension of the cloaca, an internal chamber that receives waste materials and reproductive products. This extension serves to transfer sperm directly into the cloaca of the female in the swift current of mountain streams. Breeding occurs in the fall, and the female stores the sperm until the following summer, when the eggs are laid. Because eggs are deposited in cold streams, they require nearly two months to hatch. The tadpole stage may last up to three years, and adults reach sexual maturity at seven or eight years.

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