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  • superbrain — noun a) An exceptionally intelligent person; a genius. It does not take a superbrain to enumerate specifically the duties expected of a new man... b) An exceptionally powerful brain or artificial intelligence. This first superbrain died after… …   Wiktionary

  • superbrain — n. * * * suˈperbrain (↑brain) n(3) • • • Main Entry: ↑super …   Useful english dictionary

  • Intertec Superbrain — The Intertec Superbrain was an all in one commercial microcomputer first sold by Intertec in 1979. The machine ran the operating system CP/M and was somewhat unusual in that it used dual Z80 CPUs, the second being used as a disk controller. In… …   Wikipedia

  • Intertec Superbrain — Der Intertec Superbrain war ein Mikrocomputer, der von der US amerikanischen Firma Intertec Data Systems ab dem Jahre 1979 verkauft wurde. Der Rechner wurde mit dem Betriebssystem CP/M 2.2 gesteuert und hatte zwei parallele Z80 Prozessoren… …   Deutsch Wikipedia

  • Intertec Superbrain — El Intertec Superbrain. El Intertec Superbrain fue un microcomputador comercial todo en uno”, vendido primero por Intertec en 1979. La máquina corría el sistema operativo CP/M y era algo inusual porque usó dos CPUs Z80, el segundo siendo usado… …   Wikipedia Español

  • Information Routing Group — An Information Routing Group (or IRG ) is one of a semi infinite set of similar interlocking and overlapping groups each IRG containing a group of ( maybe 3 to 200) individuals (IRGists) and each IRG loosely sharing a particular common interest;… …   Wikipedia

  • Relevance paradox — The relevance paradox occurs where individual professionals or a group of professionals are unaware of certain essential information which would guide them to make better decisions, and help them avoid inevitable, unintended and undesirable… …   Wikipedia

  • Kermit (protocol) — Kermit is a computer file transfer/management protocol and a set of communications software tools primarily used in the early years of personal computing in the 1980s; it provides a consistent approach to file transfer, terminal emulation, script …   Wikipedia

  • Darkwing Duck — s intertitle Genre Animated series Format Action/Adventure …   Wikipedia

  • List of machines running CP/M — Many microcomputer makes and models could run some version or derivation of the CP/M disk operating system. Eight bit computers running CP/M 80 were built around an Intel 8080/85, Zilog Z80, or compatible CPU (for CP/M 80). CP/M 86 ran on the… …   Wikipedia

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