/spot"euhr/, n.
1. a person employed to remove spots from clothing, esp. at a dry-cleaning establishment.
2. (in civil defense) a civilian who watches for enemy airplanes.
3. Informal. a person employed to watch the activity and behavior of others, esp. employees, as for evidence of dishonesty.
4. Mil. an observer at a forward position who singles out targets for gunners.
5. a person or thing that spots.
6. (in small-arms practice firing) a small black disk attached to the target to make more prominent the places where a bullet has hit.
7. an assistant to a sportscaster who provides the names of the players chiefly involved in each play of a game, esp. a football game.
8. Gymnastics, Tumbling. a person who is stationed in the most effective place to guard against an injury to a performer in the act of executing a maneuver.
[1605-15; SPOT + -ER1]

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