n., adj., adv. /sowth/; v. /sowth, sowdh/, n.
1. a cardinal point of the compass lying directly opposite north. Abbr.: S
2. the direction in which this point lies.
3. (usually cap.) a region or territory situated in this direction.
4. the South, the general area south of Pennsylvania and the Ohio River and east of the Mississippi, consisting mainly of those states that formed the Confederacy.
5. lying toward or situated in the south; directed or proceeding toward the south.
6. coming from the south, as a wind.
7. to, toward, or in the south.
8. Informal. into a state of serious decline, loss, or the like: Sales went south during the recession.
9. to turn or move in a southerly direction.
10. Astron. to cross the meridian.
[bef. 900; ME suth(e), south(e) (adv., adj., and n.), OE suth (adv. and adj.); c. OHG sund-]

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(as used in expressions)
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