Solo man

Solo man
an early human being of the upper Pleistocene, known from skull fragments found in Java.
[after the Solo River, central Java, near which the fragments were found]

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▪ extinct hominid
      prehistoric human known from 11 fossil skulls (without facial skeletons) and 2 leg-bone fragments that were recovered from terraces of the Solo River at Ngandong, Java, in 1931–32. Cranial capacity (1,150–1,300 cubic centimetres) overlaps that of modern man (average 1,350 cu cm). The skulls are flattened in profile, with thick bones and heavy browridges forming a torus, and the limb bones are indistinguishable from those of modern man. Skull bases were broken, indicating that the heads may have been taken as trophies and the brains eaten. Solo man has been thought to date to the Late Pleistocene—possibly during the last glaciation (about 15,000 to 20,000 years ago)—but his age remains uncertain. Solo man's resemblance to Java man and Peking man has led some scholars to consider him a late example of Homo erectus in Asia, H.e. soloensis. Others believe Solo man is a regional variant of widespread early Homo sapiens populations, also including the Neanderthal peoples of Europe and the Rhodesioid peoples of Africa. The Solo fossils were originally given the genus name Javanthropus.

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