scantily, adv.scantiness, n.
/skan"tee/, adj., scantier, scantiest. n., pl. scanties.
1. scant in amount, quantity, etc.; barely sufficient.
2. meager; not adequate.
3. lacking amplitude in extent or compass.
4. scanties, very brief underpants, esp. for women.
[1650-60; SCANT + -Y1; (def. 4) b. scanty and PANTIES]
Syn. 1, 2. SCANTY, MEAGER, SPARSE refer to insufficiency or deficiency in quantity, number, etc. SCANTY denotes smallness or insufficiency of quantity, number, supply, etc.: a scanty supply of food. MEAGER indicates that something is poor, stinted, or inadequate: meager fare; a meager income. SPARSE applies particularly to that which grows thinly or is thinly strewn or sown, often over a wide area: sparse vegetation; a sparse population.
Ant. 1, 2. plentiful, ample.

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