/seuh rohd"/, n.
a lute of northern India, played with a bow.
[1860-65; < Hindi < Pers]

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      stringed musical instrument of the lute family that is common to the art-music traditions of northern India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh. The modern classical sarod is about 100 cm (39 inches) long and has a slightly waisted wood body with a skin belly. The broad neck has a wide fretless fingerboard covered in metal to accommodate characteristic sliding pitches. The modern version has four to six main melodic strings, plus two to four others; some of the strings may be paired in double courses tuned in unison or at the octave. In addition, there are sympathetic and drone strings. The seated player holds the instrument across his lap. The strings of the sarod are plucked with a plectrum held in the right hand, while the fingernails of the left hand press the strings.

      The sarod is an adaptation of the Afghan rabab (rabāb), which arrived in India during the 16th century. The modern form of the instrument was designed in the 19th century. It is one of the most important concert instruments in Hindustani music and is often accompanied by the tabla (drums) and tamboura (drone lute). Two prominent Indian schools of sarod playing are those of Ghulam Ali Khan and Allauddin Khan, each with its own playing style, type of sarod (e.g., size, shape, and number of strings vary), and tuning system.

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