/rub/, v., rubbed, rubbing, n.
1. to subject the surface of (a thing or person) to pressure and friction, as in cleaning, smoothing, polishing, coating, massaging, or soothing: to rub a table top with wax polish; to rub the entire back area.
2. to move (something) back and forth or with a rotary motion, as against or along another surface: to rub the cloth over the glass pane.
3. to spread or apply (something) with pressure and friction over something else or a person: to rub lotion on her chapped hands.
4. to move (two things) with pressure and friction over or back and forth over each other (often fol. by together): He rubbed his hands together.
5. to mark, polish, force, move, etc. (something) by pressure and friction (often fol. by over, in, or into).
6. to remove by pressure and friction; erase (often fol. by off or out).
7. to exert pressure and friction on something.
8. to move with pressure against something.
9. to admit of being rubbed in a specified manner: Chalk rubs off easily.
10. Chiefly Brit. to proceed, continue in a course, or keep going with effort or difficulty (usually fol. by on, along, or through): He manages to rub along.
11. rub down,
a. to smooth off, polish, or apply a coating to: to rub a chair down with sandpaper.
b. to give a massage to.
12. rub it in, Informal. to emphasize or reiterate something unpleasant in order to tease or annoy: The situation was embarrassing enough without having you rub it in.
13. rub off on, to become transferred or communicated to by example or association: Some of his good luck must have rubbed off on me.
14. rub out,
a. to obliterate; erase.
b. Slang. to murder: They rubbed him out before he could get to the police.
15. rub the wrong way, to irritate; offend; annoy: a manner that seemed to rub everyone the wrong way.
16. rub up, Brit. Informal. to refresh one's memory of (a subject, language, etc.).
17. an act or instance of rubbing: an alcohol rub.
18. something that annoys or irritates one's feelings, as a sharp criticism, a sarcastic remark, or the like: to resent rubs concerning one's character.
19. an annoying experience or circumstance.
20. an obstacle, impediment, or difficulty: We'd like to travel, but the rub is that we have no money.
21. a rough or abraded area caused by rubbing.
[1300-50; 1860-65 for def. 14b; ME rubben (v.); c. Fris rubben, Dan rubbe, Sw rubba]
Syn. 20. hitch, catch, thing, trouble, pinch.

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