/riks"dahg'/, n.
the parliament of Sweden, consisting of an upper house and a lower house.
[ < Sw; cf. REICHSTAG]

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▪ Swedish states general [1435-1865]
      (Swedish: “Day of the Realm”), the Swedish states general from 1435 to 1865, unique in Europe because it included the peasantry as the fourth state.

      The Riksdag had the power to elect kings, to tax, and to declare war. Adroit kings were able to play off the states against each other, but the Riksdag remained a check on their powers. In 1720–72 it was able to subordinate the monarchy, and during this period the Riksdag became an organ of near-parliamentary government, with two proto-political parties vying for control of the body. In the 19th century, after losing its prerogatives for a time (1772–1809), the Riksdag exhibited a strong liberal bent. Against the efforts of the king and conservative elements, it voted for its own abolition in 1865 in favour of a modern parliamentary system. The new parliament, however, was also called the Riksdag.

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