/puy'reuh mawr"fuyt/, n.
a mineral, lead chlorophosphate, Pb5P3O12Cl, occurring in crystalline and massive forms, and of a green, yellow, or brown color; green lead ore: a minor ore of lead.
[1805-15; < G Pyromorphit. See PYRO-, MORPH-, -ITE1]

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      phosphate mineral, lead chloride phosphate [Pb5(PO4)3Cl], that is a minor ore of lead. It occurs with galena, cerussite, and limonite in the oxidized zone of lead deposits, where it forms very brightly coloured, heavy, barrel-shaped crystals or globular masses. For properties, see phosphate mineral (table).

      Arsenic and vanadium often replace phosphorus in the pyromorphite structure. Thus, in nature, pyromorphite occurs mixed with both mimetite and vanadinite; these mixtures, called solid-solution series, show continuous chemical variation between the pure compounds. Pyromorphite is a member of a group of minerals related to apatite in structure and properties.

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