/pool"ee, pyooh"lee/, n., pl. pulik /pool"eek, pyooh"leek/, pulis.
one of a Hungarian breed of medium-sized sheepdogs having long, fine hair that often mats, giving the coat a corded appearance.
[1935-40; < Hungarian, alter. of pudli poodle, shortening of earlier pudlikutya, trans of G Pudelhund; see POODLE]

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▪ breed of dog
 small sheepdog (dog) breed introduced to Hungary about 1,000 years ago by the Magyars (early Hungarians). An agile and vigorous dog, the puli has a long, dense coat that is unusual in forming mats, or cords, through the natural tangling of the soft, woolly undercoat with the long outer coat. The cords may grow so long as to reach the ground on an adult dog. The most characteristic colour is a unique dull black, either slightly grayed or tinged with bronze; the coat may also be solid gray or white. Ideally, the puli stands 16 to 17 inches (41 to 43 cm) and weighs about 30 pounds (13.5 kg).

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