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  • pseudochylous — Resembling chyle. * * * pseu·do·chy·lous (soo″do kiґləs) resembling chyle, but containing no fat. Cf. chyliform …   Medical dictionary

  • pseudochylous — adj …   Useful english dictionary

  • pseudochylous ascites — ascites in which the fluid resembles chyle but does not contain fatty matter …   Medical dictionary

  • pseudochylous effusion — chyliform e …   Medical dictionary

  • ascites — Accumulation of serous fluid in the peritoneal cavity. SYN: abdominal dropsy, hydroperitoneum, hydroperitonia. [L. fr. G. askos, a bag, + ites] a. adiposus SYN: chylous a.. chyliform a. SYN: chylous a.. chylous a., a. chylosus presence in the …   Medical dictionary

  • chyliform — Resembling chyle. * * * chy·li·form kī lə .fȯrm adj resembling chyle <chyliform fluid> * * * chy·li·form (kiґlĭ form) resembling chyle; cf. pseudochylous. Called also chyloid …   Medical dictionary

  • chylothorax — An accumulation of chylous fluid in the pleural space. SYN: chylopleura, chylous hydrothorax. * * * chy·lo·tho·rax thō(ə)r .aks, thȯ(ə)r n, pl rax·es or ra·ces t …   Medical dictionary

  • chyliform effusion — chylothorax consisting of milky chylelike fluid that is low in fat but usually high in cholesterol; it often results from a chronic disease process such as tuberculosis or pleurisy. Called also pseudochylous e. and pseudochylothorax …   Medical dictionary

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