plumber's snake

plumber's snake
snake (def. 3a).

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  • Plumber's snake — Cleaning out a side sewer line with a heavy duty motorized snake A plumber s snake, sometimes known as a toilet jack or electric eel , is a flexible auger used to remove clogs in plumbing that cannot be loosened with a plunger. Most devices… …   Wikipedia

  • plumber's snake — noun a long flexible steel coil for dislodging stoppages in curved pipes • Syn: ↑auger • Hypernyms: ↑snake, ↑hand tool * * * noun, pl ⋯ snakes [count] : ↑snake 3, 1 …   Useful english dictionary

  • plumber's snake — noun Date: 1938 a long flexible rod or cable usually of steel that is used to free clogged pipes …   New Collegiate Dictionary

  • plumber'ssnake — plumber s snake n. See snake. * * * …   Universalium

  • snake — snakelike, adj. /snayk/, n., v., snaked, snaking. n. 1. any of numerous limbless, scaly, elongate reptiles of the suborder Serpentes, comprising venomous and nonvenomous species inhabiting tropical and temperate areas. 2. a treacherous person; an …   Universalium

  • Snake (disambiguation) — A snake is a common reptile of the order Squamata. See also serpent. NOTOC It may also refer to:Geography* Snake Creek, a tributary of the North Branch Susquehanna River in Pennsylvania in the United States * Also see Snake River for several… …   Wikipedia

  • snake — I. noun Etymology: Middle English, from Old English snaca; akin to Old Norse snakr snake, Old High German snahhan to crawl Date: before 12th century 1. any of numerous limbless scaled reptiles (suborder Serpentes syn. Ophidia) with a long… …   New Collegiate Dictionary

  • snake — sneɪk n. scaly legless reptile with a long narrow body; person who cannot be trusted, traitorous person; plumber s snake, long flexible wire used for clearing drains v. twist or wind like a snake; move like a snake, move in a sinuous manner,… …   English contemporary dictionary

  • snake — noun 1》 a predatory reptile with a long slender limbless supple body, many kinds of which have a venomous bite. [Suborder Ophidia: many species.] 2》 (also snake in the grass) a treacherous or deceitful person. 3》 (in full plumber s snake) a long… …   English new terms dictionary

  • snake — [snāk] n. [ME < OE snaca, akin to ON snakr, MLowG snake: for IE base see SNAIL] 1. any of a limbless suborder (Serpentes, order Squamata) of reptiles with an elongated, scaly body, lidless eyes, and a tapering tail: some species have a… …   English World dictionary

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