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  • anisometropic — adjective see anisometropia …   New Collegiate Dictionary

  • anisometropic — 1. Relating to anisometropia. 2. Having eyes of unequal refractive power. * * * an·iso·me·tro·pic (an i″so mĕ troґpik) pertaining to or characterized by anisometropia …   Medical dictionary

  • anisometropic — adj. suffering from anisometropia (defect causing one eye to refract light differently than the other) …   English contemporary dictionary

  • anisometropic — an·iso·me·trop·ic …   English syllables

  • anisometropic — adjective relating to a difference in the refractive power of the two eyes • Pertains to noun: ↑anisometropia • Derivationally related forms: ↑anisometropia * * * adjective see anisometropia …   Useful english dictionary

  • anisometropic amblyopia — amblyopia that exists in both eyes but to different degrees …   Medical dictionary

  • Amblyopia — Classification and external resources ICD 10 H53.0 ICD 9 368.0 …   Wikipedia

  • Amblyopia — Impaired vision in an eye due to a disorder of the brain cells that control the vision in that eye, not usually due to a problem with the eye itself. Amblyopia is caused by lack of use of an eye when the brain favors the other eye. The eye is… …   Medical dictionary

  • Ocular dominance — Ocular dominance, sometimes called eye dominance or eyedness,[1] is the tendency to prefer visual input from one eye to the other.[2] It is somewhat analogous to the laterality of right or left handedness; however, the side of the dominant eye… …   Wikipedia

  • anisometropia — noun Etymology: New Latin, from Greek anisometros of unequal measure (from anis + metron measure) + New Latin opia more at measure Date: circa 1880 unequal refractive power in the two eyes • anisometropic adjective …   New Collegiate Dictionary

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