/par"euh kuy'ting/, n.
[1965-70; PARA(CHUTE) + KITE1 + -ING1]

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  • parakiting — /par euh kuy ting/, n. parasailing. [1965 70; PARA(CHUTE) + KITE1 + ING1] * * * parˈakiting noun The sport of soaring suspended from a parachute which is being towed • • • Main Entry: ↑para …   Useful english dictionary

  • parasailing — /par euh say ling/, n. the sport of soaring while harnessed to a parasail that is towed by a motorboat, car, or other fast moving vehicle, from which one often releases oneself to float freely. Also, para sailing. Also called parakiting. [PARA 3… …   Universalium

  • par|a|kit|ing — «PAR uh KY tihng», noun. the act or sport of soaring in a parachute while being towed by a motorboat, car, or other fast vehicle: »In parakiting, the water skier becomes airborne when his trailing parachute pops open (Time) …   Useful english dictionary

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