/os'tee oh kon droh"sis/, n. Pathol.
a disease of bone and cartilage growth centers in children that begins as a necrosis and is followed by regeneration or renewed calcification.

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▪ osteopathology
also called  epiphyseal ischemic necrosis 

      relatively common temporary orthopedic disorder of children in which the epiphysis (growing end) of a bone dies and then is gradually replaced over a period of years. The immediate cause of bone death is loss of blood supply, but why the latter occurs is unclear. The most common form, coxa plana, or Legg-Calvé-Perthes syndrome, affects the hip and most often begins about the age of six. It is four times more frequent in boys than in girls. Crippling may result, and degenerative joint disease is a complication of middle age. Treatment includes rest and immobilization to prevent injury. In severe cases, detached fragments from the joint are surgically removed; replacement of the joint may be necessary.

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