/awr"fish', ohr"-/, n., pl. (esp. collectively) oarfish, (esp. referring to two or more kinds or species) oarfishes.
any long, ribbon-shaped, silvery fish of the genus Regalecus, of deep tropical waters, having a red dorsal fin along the spine that rises to a crest, and reaching a length of 30 ft. (9 m). Also called ribbonfish.
[1855-60; OAR + FISH]

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      (species Regalecus glesne), large, long, sinuous fish of the family Regalecidae (order Lampridiformes), found throughout the tropics and subtropics in rather deep water. A ribbon-shaped fish, very thin from side to side, the oarfish may grow to a length of about 9 m (30.5 feet) and a weight of 300 kg (660 pounds). It is shiny silver in colour, with long, red, oarlike pelvic fins and a long, red dorsal fin that rises as a manelike crest on top of the head. Seldom seen at the surface, it is credited as the “sea serpent” of some reported sightings.

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