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  • nonoverlapping — adjective Not overlapping There are two nonoverlapping domains …   Wiktionary

  • nonoverlapping — adj. not overlapping, not extending over or partially covering something else …   English contemporary dictionary

  • nonoverlapping — adj., n …   Useful english dictionary

  • Nonoverlapping Magisteria — (NOMA) (deutsch etwa: „sich nicht überschneidende Lehrgebiete“) bezeichnet die Auffassung, dass Religion und Wissenschaft nicht miteinander in Konflikt kämen, weil die Gebiete ihrer professionellen Expertise sich nicht überschnitten. Geprägt… …   Deutsch Wikipedia

  • Non-overlapping magisteria — (NOMA) is the view advocated by Stephen Jay Gould that science and religion do not glower at each other... [but] interdigitate in patterns of complex fingering, and at every fractal scale of self similarity. [1] He suggests, with examples, that… …   Wikipedia

  • combinatorics — /keuhm buy neuh tawr iks, tor , kom beuh /, n. (used with singular v.) See combinatorial analysis. * * * Branch of mathematics concerned with the selection, arrangement, and combination of objects chosen from a finite set. The number of possible… …   Universalium

  • measure — measurer, n. /mezh euhr/, n., v., measured, measuring. n. 1. a unit or standard of measurement: weights and measures. 2. a system of measurement: liquid measure. 3. an instrument, as a graduated rod or a container of standard capacity, for… …   Universalium

  • statistics — /steuh tis tiks/, n. 1. (used with a sing. v.) the science that deals with the collection, classification, analysis, and interpretation of numerical facts or data, and that, by use of mathematical theories of probability, imposes order and… …   Universalium

  • Kobon triangle problem — The Kobon triangle problem is an unsolved problem in combinatorial geometry first stated by Kobon Fujimura. The problem asks for the largest number N ( k ) of nonoverlapping triangles that can be produced by k straight line segments.Saburo Tamura …   Wikipedia

  • split screen — noun Date: 1944 a film or video technique in which the frame is divided into discrete nonoverlapping images; also the visual composition based on this technique …   New Collegiate Dictionary

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