/nuyn"pinz'/, n.
1. (used with a sing. v.) tenpins played without the head pin.
2. ninepin, a pin used in this game.
[1570-80; NINE + PINS]

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      bowling game that probably originated in continental Europe during the Middle Ages. Many regional variations of the game developed. Early German ninepins lanes were made of clay or cinders; later a single long plank about one foot wide was added, on which the ball was rolled. The pins were set up in a square formation with one corner toward the bowler. These features are retained in the modern games asphalt, bohle, and schere, which are recognized for international competition by the Fédération Internationale des Quilleurs (International Federation of Bowlers). skittles (q.v.), a British variation of ninepins, is also still played. The game of ninepins was brought to America by early Dutch colonists, but it was supplanted there in the mid-19th century by the tenpin game.

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