/nuyt"shayd'/, n.
1. any of various plants of the genus Solanum, esp. the black nightshade or the bittersweet.
2. any of various other related plants, as the deadly nightshade.
[bef. 1000; ME; OE nihtscada. See NIGHT, SHADE]

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 any plant of the genus Solanum (family Solanaceae; q.v.), which has about 2,300 species, and certain other plants of the same family and other families. The species usually called nightshade in North America and England is Solanum dulcamara (see photograph—>), also called bittersweet and woody nightshade. Its foliage and egg-shaped red berries are poisonous, the active principle being solanine, which can cause convulsions and death if taken in large doses. The black nightshade (S. nigrum) is also generally considered poisonous, but its fully ripened fruit and foliage are cooked and eaten in some areas.

      The aptly named deadly nightshade, or dwale, is the belladonna (q.v.; Atropa belladonna), a tall, bushy herb of the same family and the source of several alkaloid drugs. enchanter's nightshade is a name applied to plants of the genus Circaea (family Onagraceae). Malabar nightshade refers to twining herbaceous vines of the genus Basella (family Basellaceae).

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