/net"skee, -skay/; Japn. /ne"tsoo ke"/, n.
(in Japanese art) a small figure of ivory, wood, metal, or ceramic, originally used as a buttonlike fixture on a man's sash, from which small personal belongings were hung.
[1880-85; < Japn, equiv. to ne root + tsuke (earlier tuke(y) attach]

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▪ clothing accessory
      ornamental togglelike piece, usually of carved ivory, used to attach a medicine box, pipe, or tobacco pouch to the obi (sash) of a Japanese man's traditional dress. During the Tokugawa period (1603–1868), netsukes were an indispensable item of dress as well as being fine works of miniature art.

      Because the members of the newly risen merchant class, ranking below the samurai, were not permitted to wear jewelry, netsukes took the place of other personal adornment. Originally carved from boxwood, netsukes were first made in various kinds of ivory during the first half of the 18th century. In the latter part of the 18th century, netsuke makers devised a method of inlaying, using coral, ivory, pearl shell, horn, and precious metals on lacquer and wood; some of these substances also were used for inlaying ivory. Even very small ivory netsuke carvings were sometimes inlaid in this manner. With the end of the Tokugawa regime, leading to new customs of dress, and the introduction of the cigarette shortly thereafter, netsukes became obsolete, though some were still carved to supply the demand of foreign residents and tourists. See also inrō.

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