/man"i kin/, n.
1. manikin.
2. any of several estrildine finches of the genus Lonchura, of Asia, Australia, and the Pacific islands, often kept as cage birds.
[var. of MANIKIN]

* * *

      any of numerous birds of the tribe Amadini of the songbird family Estrildidae. This name is given particularly to certain species of the genus Lonchura. Mannikins are finchlike birds, mostly brownish and often with black throats and fine barring. Large flocks occur in open country from Africa to Australia. Many are popular cage birds. The 9-centimetre (3.5-inch) bronze mannikin (L. cucullata) has large communal roosts in Africa; it has been introduced into Puerto Rico, where it is called hooded weaver. Abundant in southern Asia are the nutmeg mannikin (L. punctulata), also called spice finch or spotted munia, and the striated mannikin (L. striata), also called white-backed munia. The former is established in Hawaii, where it is called ricebird. A domestic strain of the latter is called Bengal finch.

      For chestnut mannikin, see munia. For the South American manakins (family Pipridae), see manakin.

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