/man'cheuh neel"/, n.
a tropical American tree or shrub, Hippomane mancinella, of the spurge family, having a milky, highly caustic, poisonous sap.
[1620-30; earlier mancinell, mançanilla < F mancenille and its source, Sp manzanilla, dim. of manzana apple, OSp mazana < L (mala) Matiana (apples) of Matius Roman author of a cooking manual (1st century B.C.)]

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also called  Poison Guava 
 (Hippomane mancinella), tree of the genus Hippomane, of the spurge family (Euphorbiaceae), that is famous for its poisonous fruits. The manchineel is native mostly to sandy beaches of the Caribbean and Gulf of Mexico. Its attractive, single or paired yellow-to-reddish, sweet-scented, applelike fruits have poisoned Spanish conquistadores, shipwrecked sailors, and present-day tourists. The manchineel is a handsome, round-crowned tree that grows up to 12 m (40 feet) in height with a 60-centimetre- (2-foot-) thick trunk. It has long-stalked, lustrous, leathery, elliptic yellow-green leaves. The manchineel is so poisonous that smoke from its burning wood irritates the eyes, and latex from its leaves and bark causes skin inflammation. Carib Indians used the sap to poison their arrows. The fruit contains a hard stone that encloses six to nine seeds. The tree's wood takes a good polish and is used for making furniture.

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