/leuh ruy"keuh, law-, loh-/, n., pl. loricae /-see, -kee/.
1. Zool. a hard protective case or sheath, as the protective coverings secreted by certain protists.
2. a cuirass or corselet, originally of leather.
[1700-10; (def. 1) < NL, special use of L lorica corselet (orig. of leather), akin to lorum thong; (def. 2) < L]

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      a tubular, conical, or vaselike structure secreted by some protozoans (e.g., Stentor) and many rotifers. Many species incorporate sand grains and other particles into the lorica for reinforcement. The loose-fitting case, closed at one end, has a large opening at the anterior end through which part of the organism (or its appendages) may be extended. The lorica is of taxonomic importance among protozoologists. See also test.

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