/lit"n ee/, n., pl. litanies.
1. a ceremonial or liturgical form of prayer consisting of a series of invocations or supplications with responses that are the same for a number in succession.
2. the Litany, the supplication in this form in the Book of Common Prayer.
3. a recitation or recital that resembles a litany.
4. a prolonged or tedious account: We heard the whole litany of their complaints.
[bef. 900; < LL litania < LGk litaneía litany, Gk: an entreating, equiv. to litan- (s. of litaínein, var. of LITANEEIN to pray) + -eia -Y3; r. ME letanie, OE letania < ML, LL, as above]
Syn. 4. list, catalog, enumeration.

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