/khoot"beuh/, n. Islam.
a sermon preached by an imam in a mosque at the time of the Friday noon prayer.
[1790-1800; < Ar khutbah]

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▪ Islamic sermon
also spelled  Khutba,  Arabic  Khuṭbah,  

      in Islām, the sermon, delivered especially at a Friday service, at the two major Islāmic festivals (ʿīds), at celebrations of saintly birthdays (mawlids), and on extraordinary occasions.

      The khutbah probably derived, though without a religious context, from the pronouncements of the khaīb, a prominent tribal spokesman of pre-Islāmic Arabia. The khaīb expressed himself in beautiful prose that extolled the nobility and achievements of his tribesmen and denigrated the weakness of the tribe's enemies. Even Muḥammad presented himself as a khaṭīb after taking Mecca in 630. The first four caliphs, the Umayyad (Umayyad Dynasty) caliphs, and the Umayyad provincial governors all delivered khutbahs in their respective areas, though the content of the speeches was no longer strictly exhortatory but dealt with practical questions of government and on political problems and, on occasion, even included direct orders. Under the ʿAbbāsids (Abbāsid Dynastyʿ), the caliphs themselves no longer preached but assigned the function of khaīb to the religious judges (qadis). The pointed insistence of the ʿAbbāsids on clearing Islām of the secularism of the Umayyads probably helped strengthen the religious aspect of the khutbah.

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