infixion /in fik"sheuhn/, n.
v. /in fiks", in"fiks'/; n. /in"fiks'/, v.t.
1. to fix, fasten, or drive in: He infixed the fatal spear.
2. to implant: to infix a habit.
3. to instill (a fact, idea, etc.) in the mind or memory; impress.
4. Gram. to add as an infix.
5. Gram. (of a linguistic form) to admit an infix.
6. Gram. an affix that is inserted within the body of the element to which it is added, as Latin m in accumbo "I lie down," as compared with accubui "I lay down."
[1495-1505; < L infixus ptp. of infigere to fasten in. See IN-2, FIX]
Syn. 3. inculcate.

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