ignorantly, adv.ignorantness, n.
/ig"neuhr euhnt/, adj.
1. lacking in knowledge or training; unlearned: an ignorant man.
2. lacking knowledge or information as to a particular subject or fact: ignorant of quantum physics.
3. uninformed; unaware.
4. due to or showing lack of knowledge or training: an ignorant statement.
[1325-75; ME ignora(u)nt < L ignorant- (s. of ignorans), prp. of ignorare to IGNORE; see -ANT]
Syn. 1. uninstructed, untutored, untaught. IGNORANT, ILLITERATE, UNLETTERED, UNEDUCATED mean lacking in knowledge or in training. IGNORANT may mean knowing little or nothing, or it may mean uninformed about a particular subject: An ignorant person can be dangerous. I confess I'm ignorant of mathematics. ILLITERATE originally meant lacking a knowledge of literature or similar learning, but is most often applied now to one unable to read or write: necessary training for illiterate soldiers.
UNLETTERED emphasizes the idea of being without knowledge of literature: unlettered though highly trained in science. UNEDUCATED refers especially to lack of schooling or to lack of access to a body of knowledge equivalent to that learned in schools: uneducated but highly intelligent. 2. unenlightened.
Ant. 1. literate. 2. learned.

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