/hoo zahr"/, n.
1. (originally) one of a body of Hungarian light cavalry formed during the 15th century.
2. a member of a class of similar troops, usually with striking or flamboyant uniforms, in European armies.
[1525-35; < Hungarian huszár < Serbo-Croatian hùsar brigand, pirate < ML cursarius CORSAIR]

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Member of a European light-cavalry unit used for scouting, modeled on the 15th-century Hungarian light-horse corps.

The brilliantly coloured Hungarian hussar's uniform was imitated in other European armies; it consisted of a busby (high cylindrical cloth cap), a jacket with heavy braiding, and a dolman (loose coat worn hanging from the left shoulder). Several hussar regiments of the British army were converted from light dragoons in the 19th century; they survive today as armoured units.

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      member of a European light-cavalry unit employed for scouting, modeled on the 15th-century Hungarian light-horse corps. The typical uniform of the Hungarian hussar was brilliantly coloured and was imitated in other European armies. It consisted of a busby, or a high, cylindrical cloth cap; a jacket with heavy braiding; and a dolman, or pelisse, a loose coat worn hanging from the left shoulder. Several hussar regiments of the British army were converted from light dragoons in the 19th century. The name survives in regiments converted to armour. During the Korean War, for example, the 29th British brigade group included the 8th Royal Irish Hussars as the tank unit.

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