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  • diapophysial — /dī ap ō fizˈi əl/ adjective • • • Main Entry: ↑diapophysis …   Useful english dictionary

  • diapophysis — diapophysial /duy ap euh fiz ee euhl/, adj. /duy euh pof euh sis/, n., pl. diapophyses / seez /. Anat., Zool. the part of the transverse process of a thoracic vertebra that articulates with its corresponding rib. [1854; < NL; see DI 3, APOPHYSIS] …   Universalium

  • diapophysis — /daɪəˈpɒfəsəs/ (say duyuh pofuhsuhs) noun (plural diapophyses /daɪəˈpɒfəsiz/ (say duyuh pofuhseez)) the transverse process proper of a vertebra. {New Latin. See di 3, apophysis} –diapophysial /daɪəpəˈfɪziəl/ (say duyuhpuh fizeeuhl), adjective …   Australian English dictionary

  • diapophysis — [dī΄ə päf′ə sis] n. pl. diapophyses [dī΄ə päf′əsēz΄] [ModL: see DIA & APOPHYSIS] the transverse process of a vertebra diapophysial [dī΄ap΄e fiz′ē əl] adj …   English World dictionary

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