di·ab·lo (dē-äʹblō) adj.
  [Alteration (influenced by Spanish diablo, devil), of diable.]

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      groundbreaking fantasy role-playing electronic game released in 1997 by the American company Blizzard Entertainment (now Activision Blizzard). Set in and under the fictional city of Tristam, Diablo sent players on a journey through a series of dungeons to eventually do battle with Diablo, Lord of Terror. Diablo featured an innovative battle engine, a sprawling list of weapons, and armour and spells, and it garnered one of the first great online followings.

      Diablo had two primary modes of play: single-player and multiplayer. In the solo mode, players battled it out across 16 dungeons, uncovering a deep story line and challenging enemies. Diablo's multiplayer environment, one of the game's initial strengths, allowed players to compete online. Players created a character in one of three classes: Warrior, Rogue, or Sorcerer. Unlike most games in the fantasy genre, Diablo allowed every character to use any kind of item, spell, weapon, or armour, irrespective of class.

      Diablo rose to power by virtue of Battle.net, Blizzard's free online network for playing the game. The game developed a gigantic army of fans who helped put Diablo on the map, but the game's online popularity also attracted legions of hackers who altered online Diablo games, giving impossibly powerful statistics to their characters and creating copies of extremely rare and powerful items, such as magical weapons and armour. Although the resulting lack of fair play eventually helped push Diablo aside, die-hard fans still advertise for games in many Internet forums. Diablo spawned one expansion, Diablo: Hellfire, and one direct sequel, Diablo II.

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